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Creative Commons 3.0 Photograph by Fotografiert von A. Kniesel
Creative Commons 3.0 Photograph by Fotografiert von A. Kniesel

Josh was an eleven year old sixth grade cello player who created The Kidstruments Fund.

One day in Josh’s 6th grade orchestra class, the teacher’s violin (which had great sentimental value) fell from the music stand and broke. There was a crack in the side of the violin which made it unplayable. Josh successfully set up a fund raiser to fix the teacher’s violin. Then he decided to take it a step further… ten steps further. Josh set up The Kidstruments Fund, to take it from local to global. The Kidstruments Fund will make grants to schools and school districts prior to the start of every school year, to support Orchestra programs in need.

Josh learned, in the process of running the first fundraiser, that there were kids who wanted to be in orchestra, but could not afford the instrument rentals. Sometimes, there were kids who couldn’t afford to rent the instrument they wanted to play. And in some places, there are schools that can’t afford to even run an orchestra program. That’s why he decided to turn his fundraiser into a permanent charity, and The Kidstruments Fund was born.

Creative Commons 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.0 Photograph by Stilfehler


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